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Tailored Output is a professional development coaching company with an emphasis on goal-setting, career-planning, and team-building within the context of creating whole and fulfilling lives. 

Individuals working with Tailored Output will uncover their unique genius to identify career opportunities that will contribute to a whole and fulfilled life.

Organizations working with Tailored Output will learn how to assemble multi-disciplinary teams--staffed with engaged and motivated members--to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in alignment with the corporate mission and values.



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People are Priority #1

Julie Slanker

Ideas come from people.

Work is done by people.

Teams are made of and led by people.

Necessary change is made by people.

The future you've committed to create will be built by you (a person) in collaboration with other people.

None of this is shocking or new. And yet it is worth repeating (over and over) because we - our work culture, our media, our own schedules - seem to prioritize the things, the tasks, the work, the change, over the people who do them. As if they are separate things. As if we are infinitely reusable and easily replaceable. As if we are merely a cog in the perpetual motion machine, instead of a unique individual with a finite amount of time, energy, and creativity to contribute.

That means real, sustainable success comes from doing the counter-cultural thing and prioritizing the people (including you) who will do the work of creating a new future. As you set up your work environment and your business processes, it pays to think this part through.


What kind of environment feeds your collective and individual Genius?

When and where are you most productive? most creative? most supportive of each other?

How will you know when the challenge is getting to be too much? 

How can you not only allow but reward recovery and rest?

How can we prevent the mental and emotional damage that comes from stress, and setbacks, and overwhelm, and overwork?

The future you are creating won't be built by a machine. There is too much uncertainty about what will work once the current status quo you can no longer stand is sufficiently challenged. That's why you spent so much time assembling the right mix of human Genius. 

You need the ideas, the insight, and the humor that only people can bring.

The only way to ensure you have the benefit of all the Genius they bring is to make treating people like they are people your number one priority.

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