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Tailored Output is a professional development coaching company with an emphasis on goal-setting, career-planning, and team-building within the context of creating whole and fulfilling lives. 

Individuals working with Tailored Output will uncover their unique genius to identify career opportunities that will contribute to a whole and fulfilled life.

Organizations working with Tailored Output will learn how to assemble multi-disciplinary teams--staffed with engaged and motivated members--to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in alignment with the corporate mission and values.



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Big News! Better Plan Ahead!!

Julie Slanker

My goal for this year is to become a resource for world-changers.

Until today that meant giving my all in all the different ways. I put in the work here, in my weekly Rise & Shine! motivational email, with my coaching clients, and in my Activated Genius Facebook Group. 

During my mid-year check-in on my progress and prospects for the rest of the year - because I take my own medicine! - I realized something important: it's not working. 

YES! I am becoming a resource. The research is rocking and the writing is flowing.

YES! I am spending more time with world-changers. Because they are amazing humans.

AND, ALSO, The Activated Genius Method is not gaining the traction it needs. Tailored Output is not becoming the go-to place for leaders working to solve hard problems.

My diagnosis?

Lack of focus.

All that working is working (in too many directions). It all is important and effective and interrelated. AND NOT AT ALL SUFFICIENT to create the outcomes we all need if we are going to defy impossibility.

Unless we focus. 

So, I am taking the summer to get my shit together. I am applying the same level of rigor and planning and detail-orientation to my writing as I give to my research and program development. I am building the resources I wish I had when I first started figuring out how to Activate the Genius around me. And I have a tight deadline.

Starting in September, I am rolling out an all new suite of self-study, mastermind, and coaching programs.

Here's how it will work:

  • Twice each month, I will publish a blog about the art and science of maximizing your personal and organizational performance - the theory and practice of the Activated Genius Method. 
  • Each week, I will share practical information about how you can use the Activated Genius Method in your own life and work in your Rise & Shine! Monday morning email.
  • We'll continue the conversation in The Activated Genius Facebook Group.
  • For those looking to tailor the Activated Genius Method to your unique situation, we'll work together in The Activate Your Leadership Mastermind (details coming soon).

Your commitment (and cost) will depend on your level of participation. My blogs are always tight and to the point. Your Rise & Shine! is designed to keep you thinking and applying throughout the week. The Activate Your Leadership Mastermind will have focused assignments and scheduled sessions (and will require a financial investment in addition to your time and energy).

And, of course, The Activate Your Genius individual coaching program will remain available year round.

To prepare for September: sign up for my Rise & Shine! email to stay on top of the research as I build the new strategy. You'll also be the first to know about The Activate Your Leadership Mastermind (space will be limited). 

And of course, my digital door is always open. Find me @tailoredoutput everywhere.

Have a wonderful summer!


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